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energy saving tips

At we appreciate that a large number of our customers live in rural areas and in houses that may be older than most. As a consequence, our customers and their homes may be more open to drafts and the elements than they could be. Here we offer a few tips on how best to save energy, and therefore money, to help you and the environment around you.

Energy savings with

Regular oil fired boiler and cooker maintenance
Regular annual oil fired boiler and cooker servicing will ensure that they run as efficiently as possible. If your boiler is over 15 years old you may wish to check with us to see if there are more energy efficient appliances on the market.

Energy savings in other areas of the house

Insulating your home is one simple way of improving energy efficiency. Insulating your loft area to a depth of 270mm could lead to savings on energy bills of up to £200 a year. Cavity wall insulation will also reduce heat loss through the walls of your home.
Switch off appliances
On average, UK households spend £35 a year each powering appliances left in standby mode. This is the energy used by certain appliances when they are not in use and not switched off at the plug. The Energy Saving Trust has recommended products available to help cut down your standby electricity consumption, such as standby savers that allow you to easily turn all of your appliances off from standby without having to reach for the plug.
Draught proofing
Using draught excluders for doors and windows reduces the amount of warm air escaping thereby ensuring your heating oil is used to warm your house not the air outside.

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