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heating oil prices

Get a FREE no obligation instant quote for your heating oil now and see how much money you could save today.

At directoil.co.uk we work hard to make sure you always get competitive domestic heating oil prices available at the time you need it most.

The price of domestic heating oil can change on a daily basis. Occasionally the price may change several times during a day and being savvy can save you money on your home heating bill. We are not on any heating oil price comparison websites. This means that we can offer the best home heating oil prices directly to you.

Purchasing larger volumes of heating oil in one go will reduce the overall pence per litre cost. The traditional notion that heating prices are cheaper in the summer doesn't always ring true because the domestic fuel oil prices UK wide is affected by many factors in a global marketplace for fuel.

The prices for domestic home heating oil per litre will be higher for smaller quantities. In general heating oil prices will be markedly lower per litre for 1,000 litres or more. Planning ahead will also mean that you are not paying for emergency deliveries. We are able to offer both tank monitoring and advanced boiler monitoring systems to ensure you manage your home heating as efficiently as possible. All these factors can help to keep the cost of domestic oil down. 

We deliver heating oil throughout England and Wales and offer prices for standard delivery times and a speedier premium delivery. Our delivery timescales are set to ensure that we get your heating oil delivered exactly when you need it. Delivery timescales in the summer will be shorter than those close to Christmas or when there is snowy or icy weather.


Heating oil prices

heating oil prices

We consistently check our prices are competitive ensuring we pass any savings on to you.

Boiler Servicing Quote

boiler servicing quote

Avoid emergency boiler repairs and costly bills. Get a quote for giving your oil-fired boiler a health check today.



Heating oil with an additive for better performance and a cleaner fuel system.

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