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ordering heating oil
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ordering heating oil

How do I order heating oil?

Simply enter in your postcode to see if we deliver in your area. Then fill in the online order form, adding in any special instructions which will help us with the delivery and complete your secure online payment. We will get right on to processing your order.

Is it cheaper to order a larger quantity?

Yes. The pence per litre price for your fuel will be cheaper if you order a larger quantity.

How much heating oil can I order?

The minimum order is 500 litres. Most customers order between 1,000 and 1,200 litres. Please be accurate with your order. If you order 1,000 litres and we can deliver only 500 litres because your tank is full, we will charge an administration fee. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details. 

What happens if I order more than my tank can take?

Don't worry if your tank will not take the full quanity of heating oil ordered. We only take payment for the delivered quantity.

Can I order a top up delivery?

Unfortunately not. We require a quantity of fuel to be ordered. If you require a top up, please provide a best estimate of the quantity required.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Yes. However, if you cancel or change an order less than 24 hours before the day the delivery has been requested an administration fee will apply.

What VAT rate do I pay?

The 5% VAT rate applies to all domestic heating oil customers. Commercial users ordering over 2300 litres will be charged at the business rate of 20% VAT following delivery. 

How do I get my tank filled to the top?

As we only pre-authorise payment at time of order you only pay for what is delivered. So order a little more than what you think your tank will need to be full.

What are the tanker sizes?

Small Tanker
This is specialist vehicle and has varied availability depending on your local depot. Please contact us prior to ordering if you feel you require this vehicle by completing the form on the contact us page.

Our other vehicle sizes are:

(9ft wide x 24ft long)
A standard 6-Wheeler can be used where there are no access or delivery restrictions.

(8ft wide x 17ft long)
4-Wheelers are shorter than 6-Wheelers but have a smaller turning circle. Most depots have a 4-wheeler which is used where the property has restricted access. If you feel you need a 4-wheeler please enter "4-wheeler required" in the special instructions area when placing your order.


Can I pay the driver in cash or by cheque?

Unfortunately not. We only accept payment by debit or credit card. This makes the ordering, payment and delivery process a great deal simpler for all concerned.

Do you offer a monthly payment scheme?

No we do not. keeps its costs, and therefore prices, down by operating in a simple and efficient manner. Knowing all the fuel we deliver has been paid for is part of that efficiency.

Are my debit or credit card details secure? uses Barclays Bank for its online transactions. Consequently your details are in the safe hands of one of the UK's leading banks and will be handled securely and with due care.

Will I be refunded the difference on my card if I don't take as much as I originally thought?

Yes, as long as the amount we can deliver is more than 500 litres. We may need to recalculate your order to make sure the amount we can deliver is charged at the rate appropriate for that amount on that day. For example if you ordered 1000 litres at 60 pence per litre but took only 500 litres and the price for 500 litres on that day was 65 pence per litre, we would charge you at the 65 pence per litre rate and refund you the difference. If we can only deliver 250 litres, we will look for charges in line with our terms and conditions.

Do you charge additional fees for paying by credit card?

No we do not currently charge any additional fees for paying by credit card.

How does payment work?

When you place your order we pre-authorise the card to see if it will allow us to take the value required to pay for the amount of oil ordered. We do not take payment at this time, but sometimes the bank may ring fence this amount so it can look like it has left your account. We only take payment after delivery for the value of the oil actually delivered into your tank. Therefore no refund is required.


Where do you deliver?

Direct Oil delivers to many areas of England and Wales. If you enter your postcode into the Instant Quote box we will be able to confirm whether we are able to deliver in your area.

Do I need to be in to receive my delivery?

Not necessarily. Many fuel deliveries can be delivered unattended. Your delivery driver will leave a metered ticket detailing the quantity delivered.

Do you carry out through property deliveries?

We do not offer deliveries through properties or out-buildings due to health and safety and insurance issues.

Do you make deliveries with small tankers?

(9ft wide x 24ft long)
Our standard vehicle is a 6-Wheeler. 6-Wheelers can be used where there are no access or delivery restrictions.

(8ft wide x 17ft long)
4-Wheelers are shorter than 6-Wheelers but have a smaller turning circle. Most depots have a 4-wheeler which is used where the property has restricted access. If you feel you need a 4-wheeler please enter "4-wheeler required" in the special instructions area when placing your order.

What do I need to do if I have run out?

If you have run out of fuel, it is likely that you will need to call out a boiler service engineer to bleed the fuel line to get the boiler started again safely. This should be carried out after your fuel has been delivered.

How long are the tankers delivery hoses?

The standard length of delivery hose is approximately 150ft or 45 metres.

Will you tell me when my delivery is on it's way?

Yes, you will get an email at about 6.30 pm the day before delivery informing you delivery will be made the following day.

Does my tank need to be inspected?

In order to facilitate a safe delivery our drivers need to be able to assess your tanks safety, prior to filling it with your oil. Please ensure your tank is fully accessible and not obscured by any foliage or other items that may prevent this assessment taking place. Failure to do so may result in your delivery being aborted until the issue is resolved.

heating oil products

How can I make my storage tank/boiler more environmentally friendly?

You can make your home heating system more environmentally friendly by regular servicing and maintenance. To check that your tank complies with environmental and safety requirements, visit or contact us.

Do you supply tanks?

No. We are willing to supply you with the names of tank installers in your area. Please use the contact us page to request an installer close to where you live.

Do you supply Gas Oil, Road Diesel or Petrol?

No, again we will be happy to recommend local suppliers if requested.

Why choose heating oil?

Over 1.5 million homes in the UK use oil for their home heating. Modern boilers and kitchen ranges are highly efficient: new A-rated oil-fuelled boilers are at least 95% efficient with many boasting up to 97% efficiency. If you want a cosy home and a reliable source of energy, oil-fired heating and cooking systems are the perfect choice.


Why do I need to register? operates as an internet only heating oil supplier. You can access your account online. This way our administration costs are kept lower, as is the cost of your heating oil. 

What do I do if I have problems logging on?

Click on the forgotten password link and we will send you an email with the details you require to get you logged on again.

Are my details secure?

Your registration and account details are important to us. Please see our privacy policy for details.

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