The art of safe fuel delivery.

At Direct Oil we keep things simple, safe, efficient and reliable. Delivering oil direct to your home is what we do, so you’d expect nothing less. But how do we keep delivery standards so high?

First thing’s first…

Your delivery driver will always check your tank and equipment are in tip-top condition and connected before they start. If there is anything that might compromise safety, your driver will make you aware straight away – they can usually recommend improvements to get things flowing again.

Made to measure

For maximum safety, our delivery partners need to know how much space there is in your oil tank. Most of the time your driver should be able to simply check the gauge or look inside.

The height of safety

If your fuel tank is above ground, don’t worry. All drivers that deliver for Direct Oil are trained and equipped to work at height. They’ll either use a portable ladder, or a fixed ladder with safety loops for filling heights over 2 metres. Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to safely deliver your oil if your tank is above 3 metres from the ground.

Offset or blind filling?

‘Offset’ means your tank is connected to the filling point by pipework. To make sure everything’s safe, your delivery driver will check the pipes are securely connected before they start. ‘Blind filling’ involves delivering fuel to a tank that can’t be seen or has no gauge. Your delivery can still go ahead, as long as there’s an overfill alarm and it’s clear there’s safe space.

Plastic perfect?

If you have a plastic tank, your driver will need to make sure it’s in perfect shape for safe fuel storage. They will look for problems like cracks and discoloured lines, splits, or an uneven base that’s not up to supporting your tank. Plastic tanks can’t be mended and need to be replaced to meet our standards. Some top tips for keeping your plastic tank in good order include avoiding painting the surface, and not covering it with plants or other objects.

House rules

For safety reasons, drivers don’t deliver fuel through the house. Not even through a conservatory! They will always try to find alternative routes, or suggest a new place for your tank, and if they can’t, they’ll ask you to sign a disclaimer as the property owner.

Leave it to us

Delivery drivers really appreciate it when you offer a helping hand, but they have to say ‘thanks, but no thanks’. Please don’t take it personally – it’s all part of being 100% safe and perfecting the art of delivery.

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